We can undertake a Stress Audit to help you recognize the extent to which work related stress is inhibiting your business performance.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) define stress as “the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them”. Recent research shows that this ‘adverse reaction’ can seriously undermine the quality of people’s working lives and, in turn, the effectiveness of the workplace (HSE, 2010).

The issue of stress at work is a business-critical one. If it is not managed properly stress will cause employee health and absence problems, and reduce individual and organisational productivity.

However, too few employers understand what stress is, how it affects people, or how to identify and manage it.

Research by the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (Absence Management survey report) finds that stress is the number one cause of long-term absence for non-manual employees and the fourth biggest cause for manual workers. In addition, stress-related absences are frequently long, averaging 30 days per spell of absence.

The Be Professional Management of Work Related Stress Awareness workshops will help you to identify and address issues that cause stress and then put in place measures to reduce stressors.

Our Employee Stress Awareness workshop gives delegates an understanding of work related stress and how to effectively reduce stressors that affect well-being.