What we can offer:

The Be Professional Team have many years experience of designing and executing research projects and publishing the results of that research.

Whether you want to carry out a quantitative study to identify, for example, the attitudes and behaviours of your potential customers or members of your organisation, or prefer, for example, a more qualitative exploration of the values and reasons underpinning decision making, we can work with you to design and carry out a study to meet your needs.

We will work with you to achieve the optimum method for carrying out research that answers the questions that are important for you, and work through as much or as little of the process of completing the research as you would like.

Please just contact us and we will be happy to discuss your needs with you.

Examples of published research:

Perceptions of social support and eating disorder characteristics. Health Care for Women International31(2):170-8.

Improving child protection: A systematic review of training and procedural interventions. Archives of Disease in Childhood. 91(9):740-743.

Evaluation of MMC foundation year 2 pilot scheme : the trainees’ experience.Hospital Medicine66(9)  534-536.

Evaluation of the Oxford Adult Eating Disorders Service Between 1994 and 2002. European Eating Disorders Review. 13(6), 427-435.

Psychological Well-Being and Job Satisfaction Amongst Military Personnel on Unaccompanied Tours: The Impact of Perceived Social Support and Coping Strategies. Military Psychology. 16:(1) 37-51.

The Eating Disorder Inventory: A test of the factor structure and internal consistency in a nonclinical sample. Health Care for Women International25:(2) 165–178.

Doctors’ use of clinical guidelines: two applications of the theory of planned behaviour. Psychology, Health and Medicine7:(3) 301–310.